Amazing Range Rover Evoque Stunt On The Huge Speed Bump!

Amazing Range Rover EvoqueStuntOn The HugeSpeed Bump 1

Whenever a car company produces a brand new vehicle, they would always want to make sure that they make the best commercial about it. Even though there have been some absolutely amazing commercial over the years when it comes to cars, it seems like the one you are about to see now might top them all. Namely, it seems like the guys from Range Rover took their time and brainstormed various ideas about the prefect commercial for the Range Rover Evoque. This is what they came up with.

Amazing Range Rover EvoqueStuntOn The HugeSpeed Bump 11

Namely, the commercial is in fact a social experiment. There is a massive bump fixed in place in the middle of the road. As soon as normal cars approach it, the drivers give up almost instantly hence they know that they will not be able to cross it.

Funny enough, there was one Renault driver that though that his car was in fact tall enough to cross, but he failed hard almost instantly and crashed his bumper. When many people got stuck there and they began honking their horns, the mighty Range Rover Evoque appeared out of nowhere and shocked the drivers and the pedestrians nearby.

Namely, this massive SUV crossed the huge bump with ease, thus providing the reasons why the Evoque might be one of their best vehicles ever made.

Nonetheless, this social experiment turned out to be the perfect and the only commercial that the Range Rover Evoque will ever need, don’t you think?

Gear Shifting Without The Clutch Is Possible – But Why?

Gear Shifting Without Clutch manual transmission possible 1

The internet is a lovely place to find out and take a look at some amazing tutorials, tutorials that are going to help at certain point of your life. Even though we have been through many of them, it is time to take a look at yet another, and most of you might find it fairly controversial. So what is actually going on? Well, in this video we are taking a look at this young guy demonstrating us that gear shifting without using your clutch is actually possible, but it might damage your car.

Gear Shifting Without Clutch manual transmission possible 2

Even though this man wrote in the video description that this is a potentially dangerous thing for you to do and that you should never do it, there have been some rude comments down below. Nonetheless, to prove that this is actually possible, he takes us through each and every step that you need to do in order to perform the gear shifting without clutch maneuver.

This might be useful for you if you find yourself in a situation where the clutch is simply not working and there is nothing else that you can do instead of shifting the gear manually.

The only thing that you need to make sure is that you press the gas pedal to the correct RPM so that you can actually put your car into first gear, and then repeat for second, third and fourth.

If you want to see how the process looks like, make sure to check out the full video!

At last, here is one more guide on how to drive a manual transmission vehicle without using the clutch!

Stunter 13 At Its Finest! Amazing Stunting Performance!

Stunter 13 At It Finest Amazing Stunting Performance 1

People these days seem to master all kinds of things and they are really getting good at stuff you would not expect to see couple of decades ago. One such sport surely is stunting with bikes and cars, which is something that has gained massive popularity ever since it first appeared. Only the bravest ones are determined to give a shot into stunting, and it seems like these bike stunts that we see in the video are surely awesome. Stunter 13 is pushing his bike to the limit and is doing something that not many would dare to.

Stunter 13 At It Finest Amazing Stunting Performance 2

His name is Rafal Pasierbek and he comes from Poland. He is also better known as Stunter 13. Some of the bike stunts he does are awesome but they will give you chills hence you might expect from him to fail at any given moment. Moreover, failing while performing some of the things he does is extremely dangerous and he is basically putting his life to danger.

I guess, this is what makes a stuntman to be considered as one of the best in the world i.e. the will to do anything without being afraid of the consequences. His talent is inevitable and it is something that he doing from the youngest of age.

Performing wheelies with his front and his rear tire is a piece of cake. Stunter 13 is also performing some gorgeous burnouts, burnouts unlike any other we have seen so far.

The first place at Stunt Grand Prix 2013 was well deserved!

2000 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Crashed At 200 MPH!

2000 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Crashed At 200 MPH 1

Making a video about one supercar is always amazing, but making a video about hundreds of them is even better. Moreover, if you like checking out certain car events every now and then, then the video that you are about to see is the one for you. We are located at the Texas Invitational where hundreds of people came in with their mighty supercars for an awesome time. However, even though most of them actually had fun, the driver of this 2000 HP Lamborghini was the unluckiest person there.

2000 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Crashed At 200 MPH 2

Yes, as formerly mentioned, the drivers at this event take their cars for mighty races against each other and in one of those races; the 2000 HP Lamborghini had an unfortunate accident. Namely, we see the mighty Lamborghini launching itself on the track with a whooping speed but then, all of a sudden the driver lost control over his vehicle, thus causing it to slide in the dirt.

Luckily, the car did not flip over during the crash. If so, it could have result into something even more, something that no car enthusiast would ever want to see. Nonetheless, it seemed like the driver was just fine and the whole event continued on soon after.

Some of the most amazing and utterly unique cars take part in this even and if you want to check out every single one of them, then you have to go through the whole video.

What do you think, what caused the Lamborghini to lose control?

Raw Footage From The Dodge Viper Crash at Cars & Coffee!

Raw Footage From The Dodge Viper Crash at Cars Coffee 1


Purchasing a brand new vehicle that is extremely expensive means that you need to take care of it as much as you can. However, there are situations or accidents in which there is nothing that we can do and they are prior to happening. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which we see an utterly awful Dodge Viper crash. Even though there was not much damage to the exterior of the car, the front left wheel was absolutely wrecked. The driver and the passenger were just fine, though they were in shock.

Raw Footage From The Dodge Viper Crash at Cars Coffee 2

So what had actually happened and how did this Dodge Viper crash take place? Well, the driver wanted to make something special for the guys who were filming him from just besides the road so he decided to accelerate right away. This is where things got out of control. The Dodge Viper driver lost control over his vehicles, thus causing his front part to shift to the left, eventually crashing.

The people who were filming rushed towards the car but there was nothing that they could do. Unfortunately enough, there were some who were laughing, thus showing no respect for the inexperienced driver and his expensive car. Soon after a tow truck arrived and took the car that was unable to move anymore. These scenes were made from the filming of the Houston Cars and Coffee After movie, in which some incredible and one of a kind cars feature in.

What do you think, how expensive is the repair going to be?

Here Is The Truth Why Big Chief Leaves Street Outlaws!

Here Is The Truth Why Big Chief Leaves Street Outlaws 2

If you are the type of person who tends to watch various car reality shows from their start, then you must be familiar with the feeling of closeness that grows with the main starts of the shows. This is why, as soon as some change of the cast happens, we feel extremely blue. This is what previously happened with Gas Monkey Garage and Aaron Kaufman, and this is what is currently happening with Street Outlaws and the legendary Big Chief as well. Many have speculated that he is going to depart the show very soon.

Here Is The Truth Why Big Chief Leaves Street Outlaws 1

But, is it really so, is he going to leave the show for sure? Well, it is high time to put an end to all of those who speculated those things. Namely, the legendary Big Chief is going nowhere and he is going to continue to be part of Street Outlaws for a long time.

Even though he might not appear in an episode or two, this is surely not a proof that he is in fact departing Street Outlaws. Moreover, he is one of the main starts there and probably one of their best racers, thus he leaving the show is going to probably result in a major blow for this reality series.

There had been various speculations, there are now and there will be in the future, however, we should not trust each and every one of them no matter what.

Now you can relax, sit back and enjoy the show yet once again!

Leaving Snow on the Roof of Your Car Could Land You 3 Penalty Points & £60 Fine!

Leaving Snow on the Roof of Your Car Could Land You 3 Penalty Points 60 Fine 11

We have heard all types of amazing and unbelievable stories lately, and this we take a look at yet another one which comes from the UK. Namely, having a snowy car i.e. having bits of snow anywhere on your car this winter can get you a fine of around $50. Yes, even though you will get all of the snow from the windows and the windshield, you are still going to be in trouble if you have some snow left on the roof of your car. Since heavy snow has just hit the UK, prepare yourselves to clean your car before you go anywhere in order to avoid a fine and penalty points.

Leaving Snow on the Roof of Your Car Could Land You 3 Penalty Points 60 Fine 1

Yes, it is in fact true and no matter how careful you are when cleaning your car and you are certain that that little piece of snow will not affect your vision, always make sure that you completely clean it. Moreover, it is not just the $50 fine, hence you will also get three penalty points to top everything off.

The winter has just arrived and if you are used to leaving your home for work at a specific time, make sure you get out a bit earlier and carefully clean your snowy car during a heavy snow. Many people are going to have various opinions about it, but we are all sure that eventually, even the most stubborn ones, are going to get used to this regulation.

What do you think, is the safety of the drivers going to increase due to this regulation?

These 10 Crazy RC Models Actually Do Exist!

The technology in any field has gone a long way ever since its beginnings and there are many amazing things that people have created. It seems that it is an on-going process that will never stop, thus meaning that new and upgraded technology is going to be launched each year. Hereby, we take you through a journey of 10 RC models that are so hard to believe that they actually exist. Ever since the 60s, when these bad boys first came out, many things have changed and improved by far.

These 10 Crazy RC Models Actually Do Exist 2

First of all we take a look at the turbine powered RC helicopter. Yes, there are many RC helicopters that are powered by batteries, but have you ever seen one that runs purely on its turbine? The attention to details on this awesome machine is also the other aspect that makes it so unique.

The list of 10 RC models is followed by these awesome tanks. There are many characteristics that make these RC tanks so good, such as the flashing lights, the realistic sound that they made and the driver models.

They ever make squeaking sounds while they move. We also take a look at the F-16 Cobra RC model. As most of you know, the F-16 is the most impressive fighter jets that the military has these days. Coming with a 1:5.5 scale model is something that we must give credit for.

2019 Ford Raptor Will Have 7.0L V8 Under The Hood?

2019 Ford RaptorWill Have 70L V8 Under The Hood 1

Coming across some information or a rumor about a brand new vehicle that should undergo serial production is always interesting. We feel the urge to find out every piece of information that is out there. Namely, there have been some recent rumors that the brand new 2019 Ford Raptor is supposed to have Ford’s new engine, the 7.0L V8 monster. Despite all of the leaked footages that have been posted on social media lately, this has not been confirmed by Ford yet and it still remains a mystery.

2019 Ford RaptorWill Have 70L V8 Under The Hood 2

However, probably most of you have already heard about the massive investment that Ford made in their production plant in Canada where it was stated that they will be working on a brand new engine, which was in fact this 7.0L V8 monster.

Even though it was initially planned that Ford will be installing this engine only on the F-250 and F350 series, there have been thoughts that the 2019 Ford Raptor is going to get this monster as well.

If so, we must say that the truck is going to look exceptionally good. It seems that Ford has learnt its lesson from some of the previous models that they have launched just several years ago with the V6 engine, which in reality, it was nothing special.

To make sure that their customers are going to get what they really want, the 2019 Ford Raptor with a 7.0L V8 might not seem and sound so impossible after all.

16 Most Famous Hidden Things In Logos You Never Noticed!

Whenever you are coming up with new ideas for your company`s logo, you would want to make sure that it is original and unique and has a hidden message in it. Hereby, in this video we take a look at these 16 hidden things in logos that no one knew that they existed. We see them every day, we come across them every day but we never thought that they have these messages in them. Each and every line in their design has a meaning and they represent something way more than just a picture.

16 Most Famous Hidden Things In Logos 2

First of all, we take a look at Hyundai. Yes, the logo that we see on daily basis and which we think that only represents the letter H, is in fact a hidden picture in which two people are shaking hands i.e. a client and a representative. Next, we take a look at ADIDAS. The name derived from its founder and even though the logo has changed over the years, all of the designs contained three stripes in them.

The current one that we have today represents a mountain and all of the everyday challenges that people have to go through on daily basis. In the Apple logo there is also a very interesting story behind it but you are going to check out the video and see all hidden things in logos and what they represent. What do you think, should every logo have a hidden message behind its design?

Furthermore, check out this analysis of the 10 most famous logos in the world!