The Tumbler Batmobile & Batpod Bike – Behind The Scenes Action!

Everyone knows Batman’s two favorite means of transportation – the Batmobile or The Tumbler and the Batpod bike. Director Christopher Nolan managed to bring something new and interesting in Batman’s vehicles. In this video, you are about to see a glimpse of some behind the scenes action regarding the Batmobile and the Batpod bike. When it comes to the Batmobile or The Tumbler, Christopher Nolan wanted to avoid CGI as much as he could. That said, the original concept was done by combining together parts from different plastic toy kits in order to build 1:12 scale concepts.


This resulted in a Lamborghini-meets- Hummer design. From there, a massive chunk of Styrofoam was carved by hand to create a full-scale concept model that was then used to make wooden molds for 56 body panels. Afterwards, they were ready to create the real deal.

However, the 9’44’-wide Batmobile is actually not that heavy as you might expect weighing around 5.000 pounds. That’s because the car is driving around in a tube-frame chassis and carbon fiber body. No need to use race car technology on a movie prop.

However, the car is pretty fast being able to reach over 100mph top speed and launch from zero to 60 in 5 seconds. Of course, the Tumbler had to endure 30 feet high jumps without being damaged. That said, besides being fast, the car also had to be pretty strong.

In this behind the scene video, you’ll also see the Batpod bike. When it was first introduced in The Dark Knight back in 2008, everyone was in awe with Batman’s Batpod. It’s an outrageous and nearly undrivable motorbike with a very bad attitude.


Indian Lady Mechanic Broke All Of The Stereotypes!

When it comes to encountering some utterly amazing and unbelievable stories, we have seen many of them lately. However, what are you about to see in this video is probably going to top them all, and at the same time, it will break some of the stereotypes certain people had for women. Namely, in the busiest trucking area in India where over 75,000 trucks are always parked, works a rather unusual person. Meet Shanti Devi, a 52 years old Indian lady mechanic who proved that everyone is capable of doing all sorts of work.


Over the years, Shanti became famous all over India for her amazing talent and each and every of her customers are always happy when they get their repaired trucks. It is thought that she is the first lady mechanic ever in India.

She says that she sees herself as being different hence there are no other women who work the same. However, she is not afraid of the daily challenges and situations that she is facing with. Shanti is earning her money in a fair way and nothing should embarrass her.

Her husband helped her to open a mechanic shop hence they wanted to support their family by earning sufficient financial support.

Moreover, this amazing lady mechanic has proved many times and over and over again that she is even way better than some male colleagues. What do you think, is she the hero that we all wanted to see it actually exists?


2000 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Crashed At 200 MPH!

Making a video about one supercar is always amazing, but making a video about hundreds of them is even better. Moreover, if you like checking out certain car events every now and then, then the video that you are about to see is the one for you. We are located at the Texas Invitational where hundreds of people came in with their mighty supercars for an awesome time. However, even though most of them actually had fun, the driver of this 2000 HP Lamborghini was the unluckiest person there.

Yes, as formerly mentioned, the drivers at this event take their cars for mighty races against each other and in one of those races; the 2000 HP Lamborghini had an unfortunate accident. Namely, we see the mighty Lamborghini launching itself on the track with a whooping speed but then, all of a sudden the driver lost control over his vehicle, thus causing it to slide in the dirt.

Luckily, the car did not flip over during the crash. If so, it could have result into something even more, something that no car enthusiast would ever want to see. Nonetheless, it seemed like the driver was just fine and the whole event continued on soon after.


2018 Jeep TrackHawk VS 2018 McLaren 570S!


One of the aspects that we love about cars is that they are so versatile and diverge that you can always come across something that you have not seen so far. The possibilities are absolutely endless and just as thought that you have seen just about anything, another amazing thing strikes you. One such exciting duel simply has to be this drag race between two absolutely gorgeous machines. On one hand we have the mighty 2018 Jeep TrackHawk whereas on the other we have the 2018 McLaren 570S, a piece of wonder.


The McLaren has the stock 570 HP with a RWD and it does not have a launch control. The Jeep is way more powerful hence it has 707 HP and an AWD. So, which one is going to prove to be better? Well, it is time to find out the answer.

Just as both of the cars were ready and the sign for the start of the race went down, they were off to an amazing start.

As expected, the 2018 McLaren 570S had some troubles at the start due to the lack of traction control, however, it eventually managed to catch up and take over the 2018 Jeep TrackHawk. But the best part about it is that not only we see one such drag race, but we see two of them.


How An Outboard Gear Box Works- Explained!

Today is your lucky day as this YouTuber will explain to you what exactly goes on in an outboard gear box! Most of us have been struggling with this question and it is a real sweet deal that this guy is here to make things so clear. Get comfy and pay close attention to what this guy has to say as we assure you that things will get really clear! As the first frame comes, you will se basically the area behind the propeller. This is exactly the area that most of people find difficult to understand and think it’s way to complicated.

Well, is it? So, the earlier versions of an outboard gear box only had a forward gear, however, every motor made in the last 50 years goes in reverse as well. Basically, we have three pieces, the gears, the shift rod and the drive shaft. This means that the moment you start your engine, the drive shaft starts spinning! That is connected to the flywheel which is at the top of your motor. However, this is not the moment when the propeller starts spinning.

If you are following, you know that the gears are spinning all the time, as the clutch in the center is what connects forward and reverse. So, then the shift rod comes in to connect the screw and moves up and down as the motion moves the clutch forward, or if you like – backwards.+