11 Babies Who Look Like World-Famous Celebrities

As is goes around, kids look nearly exact copy of their parents, either one of them or both of them. But that can be different too, I mean the story of child to be copy of his/her parents can’t be true sometimes. Furthermore, while we are looking at the pictures of some adorable kids on internet, we all can clearly see how much they resemble some of the famous celebrities. Celebrities we follow and the ones we see on internet or somewhere, but some kids resemble them, those stars that we so admire, and those infants, they nearly look just like them, but in the past or even now.
Today I am going to show you some of the incredible babies around the world, they resemble with some of our favorite artist. The list given below are the star like kids that are not stars in real, but they look like star, but they are not stars and yet they look like some of the stars. Just kidding.

A 2 year old who look like Ed Sheeran

Gandalf in a body of an infant

Why this kid look like Mrs. Doubtfire

This is what happens when you only watch movies of Danny DeVito, while you are pregnant

Well would you look at that, Jay Z in a kid, or a kid in Jay z, what the hell

Now this is weird, Vin Diesel as a child

A literal spitting image of Jamie Oliver

John Legend, and another legend that looks like Grammy winner legend but is not legend

This kid thinks he is a member of a Royal Family, well he should as you can see

Only A Few People Can Do These Tricks. Can You Do It Too?

There are billions of people in this world but only a few People Can Do These some certain tricks. These are not very difficult but this is something that makes them unique. You might have met a lot of people in your friend circle who are famous for doing these weird activities, we are talking about the same group. The major unique skills we are going to talk about here is mainly related to body parts. Our body reacts differently to different activities and these activities can be so unique that only a few people can do. Well. it’s not something so unique that you can never do but these tricks become easier with practices. Here in this article, we have listed some activities related to body that not everyone can do.


Here are the top 12 tricks that only a few people can do. Are you one of those?

1. Paralyzed finger trick

People Can Do These


2. Elbow licking trick

People Can Do These


3. Bending thumb
People Can Do These


4. Raising one eyebrow

People Can Do These


5. Sneezing with eyes open

People Can Do These


6. Tongue tricks

People Can Do These

7. Sleeping with eyes open

People Can Do These

8. Tickling yourself

People Can Do These


9. Fist in mouth

People Can Do These


10. Wiggle your ears

11. Cross pair of fingers

People Can Do These


12. Weird eye tricks

People Can Do These

Do you think you can do these unique activities that only a few people can do? I’m sure that by now you must have tried one of these tricks. Share it with the people who will accept the challenge to do these activities, and if you know any other body related activities that are unique, let us in the comment section. Also, like and share the article with your friends who you know can do these tricks in one go.

Paul Walker: Hidden Emails Show Porsche Joked About Carrera Crashes

At this point, Paul Walker will have been laid to rest for four years this coming November but, for some reason, we keep hearing whispers of lawsuits against automaker, Porsche, the manufacturer behind the car that Walker died in, being brought up and accused of being at fault in the situation.

This time, the murmurs are coming from a strain of emails that was released just a couple of days ago and put on blast by TMZ and they seem to contain some content that some of those who have been an keeping tabs on the issue find to be highly offensive and it most certainly has the Internet talking no matter what your perspective on the issue.

Now, if you aren’t up to date on what has been going on, basically Meadow Walker, the late Paul Walker’s daughter, has been pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit that claims that the Porsche Carrera shouldn’t have even been on the road in the first place. Just when we thought that it was all laid to rest, more information comes out that apparently had been excluded from the lawsuit. The emails state that about 200 of the 1,280 of the cars released have been totaled and it follows that Porsche employees continue to talk about how this boosts the rarity of the remaining cars.

Now, we’re not exactly lawyers here nor do we claim to be experts on the number of cars that are normally totaled in this class, but a situation like this where important information seems to be left out has to at least be a cause for the raising of a couple of eyebrows here and there.


10 Movies So Disturbing You Will Regret Watching Them

There’s good cinema, there’s bad cinema and then, there is ‘disturbing’ cinema. Call it a daring or something downrightly insane but disturbing movies do exist.  And they are so twisted that watching them can cause an emotional crisis, leaving you loathing at your own self. Here we have ranked the ‘top 10 disturbing movies ever made’ in ascending order.

10. Antichrist

A Danish experimental film, Antichrist blends sodomy and sadness in such a way that it sticks in your sub-conscious. After the death of their only son, a couple seeks solace in a cabin and then starts a cringeworthy and sadistic story of violent sexual behaviour and sadomasochism. The movie is smothered with loathsome sexual scenes.

9. Grotesque (2009)

A couple who just found love decides to go out on their first date and soon wake up shackled in a basement. Soon they realize that they have been kidnapped by a sadistic madman with an extreme fetish for disembowelment. The grisly mayhem that follows the rather non-violent beginning of the film will make your skin crawl, and in all possibility, you will be inclined to stop watching. But the compelling acting, realism of the direction and ‘what happens in the end’ will keep you hooked.

8. In My Skin (2002)

Gore movies usually pit deranged people against innocent people to give the movie an extreme sadist tone. But this movie will surpass your expectations of gore. A woman after accidentally injuring herself by a metal piece become obsessed with her wound and starts feeding on it day in day out. Her extreme psychosis of self-mutilation is just unsettlingly gross and will surely fill you with disgust. The climax in itself is a gore bomb that will make you cringe in overwrought anticipation

7. Dead Girl

This movie stands tall as an example of how grisly the human mind can get and derive pleasure from the acts of mutilation and disembowelment. Two infamous teenagers skip school and break into an abandoned asylum and stumble upon a mute, naked woman in the basement, chained to a table. After they discover that the girl is still conscious, they start wreaking hell on her. From brutal gang rape scenes, to demented acts of pain infliction and a lot of blood, this movie proves to be downrightly ill-favoured.

6. The Human Centipede

Upon screening, ‘The Human Centipede’ was described as the “most horrific movie ever made” and was majorly loathed at by the audiences. And indeed, the movie is extremely disturbing. A deranged German surgeon kidnaps three tourists, removes their teeth, rips out their knee caps, and to our utter disgust, attaches the three ‘mouth to anus’ to fulfill his grisly fantasy of making a human centipede. The movie was either banned from release or was released on restricted basis in a lot of countries.

5. Aftermath

The film starts with an ongoing autopsy that soon turns into a disturbingly indecent display of depraved necrophilia fetishes with the dead body.  The movie might be just 30-minutes long but we are sure you wouldn’t be able to forget it for the next 30 days

4. Necromantik

The way Necrophilia (intercourse with a dead body) has been portrayed in this movie sets the bar for a film being disgustingly inhuman. It’s so hard to watch this movie that the best we can tell you about it is this much – a road cleaner brings a rotting corpse home for himself and his demented girlfriend to have sex with and soon discovers that his girl is now sexually obsessed with the dead body. What follows will make you skip your meals for at least a day or two!

3. Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Relentless sadism, sexual depravity, and horrific murder, are the words that perfectly describe the kind of movie Salo is. Four wealthy fascists kidnap and imprison 18 teenage girls and boys, and subject them to sickening horrors for 120 days. Salo has been banned in several countries because many suspect that the actors subjected to torture were below 18 years of age. Australia banned the movie for almost two decades, and its uncut version came out in Britain only in 2010. Dozens of other controversies also blanket Salo’s making and screening. Surprisingly, Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwin, among other scholars, signed a legal brief arguing the film’s artistic merit.

2. A Serbian Film

This film is something so unexplainably horrifying that it will make you question the sanity of its director.  The story follows a retired and financially struggling porn actor who signs up for something that’s supposed to be an art film. But to his horror, he is heavily drugged and forced to film a snuff movie which involves grotesque rapes and extreme child sex abuse. The scenes have been so realistically filmed that it all looks insanely real. There are certain scenes you will never be able to forget! Thanks to this, the movie is banned in Spain, Finland, Portugal, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Norway. It’s simply a regret to watch this movie!

1. Begotten

While some might debate that the Serbian film is the most disturbing movies of all time, we tend to differ – it is Begotten. This is one film that will creep up in your dreams and will give you countless uncomfortable nights. Yes, that’s what you get when you see ‘God’ ripping (god suicide scene) himself apart piece by piece on screen, till nomads rape and kill him. The scenes will invade your sub-conscious and make you feel sick. It’s not only the sickening scenes but the dreaded idea of God disemboweling himself  that makes this film so inhuman. Surprisingly, there is not even a single dialogue in the movie but the background score is so horrifying that it simply makes the dialogues irrelevant

Epic Perfectly Timed Photos!

There is something magical about a scene captured at just the right moment. Join us as we take a tour through some of the most captivating photos ever taken.

A refreshing dunk in the pool. Doesn’t that look refreshing?

The flexibility that yoga gives you is truly astonishing. The perfect back bend shown in this photo really displays this girl’s assets.

Even more flexibility! That is some pose right there combining extreme dexterity with impressive strength. I’m sure the rest of the people at the pool were amazed by this.

A truly impressive feat of plastic surgery. While her back might be super flexible, her chest isn’t moving at all. And to class it up even more she’s doing it in ridiculously high heels. Nicely done.

Another perfectly captured moment. The look of fury on this girl’s face is completely understandable – no one likes to be groped by a stranger. But take a closer look at the photo – the guy she’s mad at behind her is not the perpetrator. The offending arm belongs to someone in the background. Oops.

Sometimes when taking a photo what’s happening in the background is a lot more interesting than what’s immediately in front of the camera. Did the photographer know he was capturing this moment or did he see it later? Either way, this is a classic perfectly timed photo.

Nothing like a little water to cool you down on a hot day. Drink the water? Nah, better to pour it on yourself. Don’t you feel refreshed now? I know I do

Synchronized swimming requires endurance, strength and, apparently, a high threshold for pain. I’m not sure this position was done on purpose, but it doesn’t look like the woman on top was expecting a foot to be there. It may look goofy at times, but synchronized swimming is one tough sport.

A beautiful girl in a dress walking down the street when a gust of wind comes by. At times like these even a priest can’t help but stare. This is a wonderful example of a beautiful background (likely Italy) with a captivating subject.

Did she forget to wear pants? No, it’s just an innocent optical illusion. It’s two friends at a bar and the one in the foreground has her legs crossed. What makes the photo even better is the expressions on both of their faces. The one in the background looks proud to be showing off her bits.

A lovely romantic moment at the beach, staring off into the crashing waves. What could possibly ruin this scene? Oh yeah, a wayward dog deciding to mark his territory at this very spot. A truly unforgettable day.

From the looks of this photo, grabbing the wedding bouquet after it’s thrown has turned into a blood sport. The fierce looks on these ladies’ faces are priceless. Just watch out for the little girl in the corner.

That’s what we call hard-nosed defense. If you can’t stop the bigger guy from dunking on you, at least slow him down by sticking a finger up his nose. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt.

This looks like a scene out of a blockbuster movie, but it’s in fact real life. As the huge storm clouds descend, this little truck is moving as fast as it can to get out of the way. Thrilling!

Does this bride have a human torso with horse legs? No, it’s just a voluminous wedding dress that creates a hilarious optical illusion. That being said, I’m still wondering why the bride is on a horse and the groom is walking.

When losing weight, we all have to start somewhere. This gal is clearly working hard to get into shape, but I’m not sure her skinny friend is really helping. Is the friend yelling encouraging words? I’d like to hope so.

Just another snowy day when a bikini-glad girl does a backflip off of a boat. I don’t know where this photo was taken or what exactly is going on here, but everyone seems to be having fun. Everyone, that is, except for the emo girl with the plaid jacket on the left. Not impressed in the least.

Yoga does give you superb flexibility, but this much? No, it’s an illusion created by the framing of the photo and the flattened focus which makes everything appear on the same plane. The woman’s head actually belongs to the body in the back row.

Get out of the way! This epically timed photo captures the moment right before the bat collides with this poor man’s jaw. I don’t know why he didn’t at least put his hands up to protect himself. Even grandma in the row in front of him had the good sense to do that.

Women’s soccer can brutal. You can get kicked, shoved, and even have your head twisted around in pursuit of the ball. Don’t let anyone tell you that women’s soccer is not just tough as men’s soccer – this photo clearly proves otherwise.

Grandpa – what have you done? Someone please take away his keys right now. Gramps actually looks pretty proud of rolling the car. I love how someone is climbing through the door on the top to rescue whoever is inside while grandpa poses for a photo. All kinda wrong.

Did these guys coordinate on wearing these jerseys? Did they stand next to each other on purpose? Who knows, but the girl in back of them is certainly having fun with the moment. She just better hope neither guy turns around. Excellent example of the photo bomb!

You may be the most powerful man on earth, but even that pales in comparison to the power of a beautiful woman. After all, President Obama is still a man and sometimes men can’t help themselves. France’s former President Sarkosy seems to be appreciative as well.

Didn’t you know that dogs can photobomb too? The one in the background looks positively crazed. The girl seems completely unaware of what’s going on behind her – texting is a powerful thing

21 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Then And Now

Is it really so shocking that celebrities age? I’d say no, but sometimes, it actually is. A few months ago I was binge-watching an entire TV series that ended over a decade ago. When I went on IMDb to look the cast up after I was finished being glued to the TV, it was actually shocking to see them today with wrinkles and grey hair. You think of these people as their characters stuck in the past, when really, they are just like us.

  1. Madonna

2. Clint Eastwood

3. Pamela Anderson

4. Bono

5. Oprah Winfrey

6. Arnold

7. Goldie Hawn

8. Pierce Brosnan

9. Barbara Walters

10. Axl Rose

11. Dolly Parton12. Tom Cruise

13. Jack Nicholson

14. Lindsay Lohan

15. Joe Pesci


16. Liza Minnelli

17. George Clooney

18. Geena Davis

19. Nicole Kidman

20. Alec Baldwin

50 Cent Calls Out Conor McGregor For ‘Cheating On His Girlfriend’

The beef between 50 Cent and Conor McGregor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon if a recent video is anything to go by.

The rapper and entrepreneur and the MMA fighter go back a good year when McGregor was building up to the biggest fight of his life to date against Floyd Mayweather.

Towards the end of 2017, it had more or less died down but it seems the Irishman just couldn’t let it go.

He said on Monday, among other things:

I have now surpassed Ronaldo as I told him I would in 2016. Floyd as a retired fighter that makes ZERO substantial revenue outside of them ropes is not on the list, and in the long game, is already dead.

Mixed Martial Arts is a glorious game, Floyd. You are going to love it hahaha. [50 Cent] blocked me on [Instagram].

The mad 50 year old instagram blocker. Ahh don’t block me 50 kid, I still like some of your songs. The older ones hahah.

Fiddy, a man who has been shot at gunpoint, obviously deemed the comment too offensive to simply let pass him by.

He posted the following video online, which has since been deleted and since been uploaded to YouTube:

Oof, bringing a man’s family into it. That’s rough.

For those not in the know, McGregor was pictured cosying up to singer Rita Ora last year.

Rita’s tweet got fans hot under the collar due to the nature of the caption: ‘Date night’.

Dee didn’t say anything directly about the photos, instead posting a picture of her son, Conor Jack McGregor Junior, captioned ‘bedtime face’.

As for Mayweather, well he’s ‘officially retired’ but has also teased a possible return to combat sports, this time with an eye for UFC.

In a photoshopped picture, he can be seen defeating McGregor inside the confines of the octagon.

Many would question why Mayweather would even entertain such an idea but considering the amount of bank both he and McGregor made from their bout last year – Mayweather earning $100 million and McGregor taking home $30 million – it certainly is a lucrative prospect.

We’ll have keep to our eyes peeled for this. Not to mention 50 Cent vs Conor McGregor.

Source : www.unilad.co.uk


#10 Meet Maddie Ziegler

#10 Meet Maddie Ziegler

This star girl surely does not need any introduction. From a reality TV dancer to being a Hollywood star overnight, she’s come a long way now.

This star girl surely does not need any introduction. From a reality TV dancer to being a Hollywood star overnight, she’s come a long way now.

#9 Terrific Dancer

#9 Terrific Dancer

She had been dancing with the Abby Lee Dance Company since she was two years old, and appeared on the show Dance Moms. Her first break was when she appeared in Sia’s “Chandelier” music video at 11 years old.

#8 Elastic Heart

#8 Elastic Heart

The immense popularity of that music video paved her way to star in another hit music video, Sia’s “Elastic Heart”.

#7 Acting with Shia LaBeouf

#7 Acting with Shia LaBeouf

In this video, she performed next to Shia LaBeouf, because of which, the video was met with a lot of criticism considering the alarming age gap between the two.

#6 The One With Miley Cyrus

#6 The One With Miley Cyrus

As her popularity rose, she got to meet some of her favorite stars like Miley Cyrus

#5 Meeting With Taylor Swift

#5 Meeting With Taylor Swift
And Taylor Swift as well.

#4 Sia’s Music Video

#4 Sia's Music Video
She continued to appear in Sia’s music videos, rocking the usual blunt wig and nude body suit.

#3 The Hollywood Star

#3 The Hollywood Star

At a young age of 14, she had also acted in certain movies like Austin & Ally, Pretty Little Liars, and many other projects.

#2 Growing Up

#2 Growing Up

She is growing up too soon to be this beautiful woman and her recent projects include being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, and will appear in a film written and directed by Sia, titled, Sister.

#1 Rise High!

#1 Rise High!

We’re all excited to see more of her on the screen! Good luck Maddie!

Rock received his FAST and FURIOUS 9 Script

A day after pushing “Fast & Furious 9” to April 2020, Universal is placing a spin-off film starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham on their slate, with the release date set for July 26, 2019.

Chris Morgan, who has written the scripts for every “F&F” film since “Tokyo Drift” in 2006, will pen the script for this spin-off, which will see Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and redeemed “F&F” villain Deckard Shaw (Statham) go off on their own adventure. The film has yet to be titled.



10 Improvised Movie Scenes That Made Actors React Out Of Nowhere

Making a film requires a lot of dedicated crew members and there are many people on set whose roles help keep the production on track, including:

Script supervisor,
Production manager,

However, sometimes scenes end up straying from the script and the result can be even better than what was originally planned. When actors decide to improvise, it can elevate the material, but it’s not always easy for the other actors in the scene to maintain in character when they are caught off guard.

Here are 10 improvised movie moments that made the other actors in the scene react.