People Are Photoshopping Mr Bean Into Movie Characters and It’s Hilarious!

Rowan Atkinson otherwise known by his fictional name Mr. Bean is the funniest characters of all time. Everyone laughed and giggled watching him do weird things and the best thing was his absolutely hilarious acting.

He always acted like a weird guy in all his volumes. The other things that made his character even more strong were his car and his teddy bear that he kept along with him all the time.

His movies ‘Johnny English’ and ‘Johnny English Returns’ in which he acted as most confident yet the most unintelligent spy were also adored by people all across the globe. The animated series of Mr. Bean were also loved by people.

The essence of his fictional character is that he barely talks but still makes us laugh. So, we present you with some hilarious pictures of Mr. Bean photoshopped into different movie characters and they’ll brighten your day.

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Paul Walker Autopsy Report Horrifying Injuries

Just prior to the fake Walker gave revelation of the issue, indicating that “there’s no” real reason, no basis, “no…rules” against hoaxing deaths. In fact, Mr. Walker is right. In terms of profits and grandiose schemes there are no rules, no elements of moral standing, in Hollywood.

There are only standards of ‘fakery.’ Even so, it is a rather ‘sick’ act, at least from this Website’s point of view, to perform, that is to purposely fake deaths before the entire world. Does not life and death have more meaning in this world than to be a mere fake? Many people take death highly seriously, especially sudden, senseless deaths of famous or respected people:

Yet, the Zionist-controlled media said he died, and the rest of the world complied. Simultaneously, NBC Universal profited and continues to profit handsomely.

There wasn’t even time for the corpses to cool and everyone was laughing and jesting in absolute glee.

So, it is clear that both Walker and Rodas are alive and well. Where are they? Has anyone spotted them?


It surely is Mr. Walker as seen in the video, purportedly at a rodeo. He is wished a good, enjoyable life. This site covers hoaxes, so following up on the death hoax is fair game, though, once again, the date of this video is likely prior to the fake car crash.

The forehead, hair-line, nose, brow, chin, beard, and even the ear are the same. The chin-line is also precisely the same. Yet, this is not confirmation that he was seen after the phony car crash and fire. So, the videographers promoting this should update their sites.

At one point he realized he was being filmed. Someone had apparently recognized him. He never did like the limelight. Who can blame him?

He ducks way down. However, the man next to him start talking to him, possibly advising him that this isn’t a good idea. It won’t look good. No one would do this at a rodeo/sports event. It looks like you are ‘hiding something.’

Instead, he turns his face away from the camera, talking to his colleague.


Here is what we received from one of our posters:

“I have watched one video on YouTube that was supposed to have been taken on March 3, 2014 (not confirmed, though), at a sporting event or what they said was a Rodeo…he (Paul Walker) does NOT once turn to look straight into this guy who’s filming it. It shows Paul avidly talking to this other man sitting next to him. However, it can be CLEARLY seen that this is Paul Walker.”

No matter what is the date on this video surely Mr. Walker is alive and well. In other words, he did not die in a deadly, fiery car crash. This should be good news for his fans, who grieved over his loss.

It is perfectly acceptable for Mr. Walker to come forward and admit to the scam, and the same is true of Roger Rodas. Why not?

It’s better than spending a life-time in hiding. ‘Yes, I’m alive.

It was a conspiracy by myself, Mr. Rodas, and NBC Universal – and Hollywood does this all the time.

My deepest apologies to my fans. You understand. I was tired of that former life. Who wouldn’t want to have peace and quiet, escaping all that fame and public display?’

Mark Wahlberg, The Rock & Vin Diesel Top Forbes 2017 List Of Highest-Paid Actors

Mark Wahlberg is now most famous for starring in Boogie Nights, The Departed, and Ted. But the public may have forgotten the 46-year-old entertainer started his career as the rapper Marky Mark.

The leader of the Funky Bunch moved past his rapping persona years ago for movie fame. That transition turned out to be very profitable for Wahlberg.


Forbes listed the Massachusetts native as the highest-paid actor for 2017 with 12-month pre-tax earnings of $68 million. He was followed by Fast & Furious franchise co-stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (#2, $65 million) and Vin Diesel (#3, $54.5 million).

Other thespians to make the Top 30 of the business magazine’s lineup of highest earners include Adam Sandler (#4, $50.5 million), Jackie Chan (#5, $49 million), Samuel L. Jackson (#13, $30.5 million), and Emma Stone (#15, $26 million).

John Cena , Will Join In ‘ Fast and Furious 9!!! VIDEO

John Cena has grappled with Dwayne Johnson in the ring before, and now he, too, is wrestling Hollywood for a place in mainstream pop culture.

Cena stars alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a pair of soldiers who get pinned down by an Iraqi sniper in the war movie The Wall (in theaters nationwide Friday). It’s a more serious effort than what the 16-time WWE champion has been doing lately — guesting on the Today show, hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards — though it falls right into Cena’s mindset as a cross-platform entertainer.

“You have to constantly tell a new and interesting story,” says Cena, 40, who had two scene-stealing comedic turns in 2015 as Amy Schumer’s musclehead boyfriend in Trainwreck and a tattooed drug dealer opposite Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Sisters. “It’s just luck, shaking hands and preparation, and then you have to take a little bit of a risk and you see what happens.”

The flattop-wearing, all-American Cena’s social media game is as rock-solid as his biceps (with 43.8 million Facebook likes and 9.5 million Twitter followers), and he gets a huge reaction whenever he returns to the ring. But how does Cena compare with someone like Johnson, the charismatic Fast and Furious franchise star and reigning Sexiest Man Alive?


5 Future Trucks & Buses YOU MUST SEE…(Video)

4. Transit Elevated Bus
3. WILLIE – Transparent LCD Bus
2. Mercedes-Benz Future Bus
1. Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 :
This concept vehicle has ushered in a new era for the transport industry: it has gone into the history books as the world’s first autonomously driving truck. Yet its futuristic concept is closer to reality than you think.

Mercedes-Benz Future Bus :
What urban public transport will look like in the future is shown by the semi-automated city bus with CityPilot – it operates even more safely, efficiently and comfortably than conventional buses.

WILLIE – Transparent LCD Bus :
With nothing displayed on the side-elevation transparent LCD screens, there’s not much differentiating the Willie from a traditional bus – except for its “organic” frame.

Transit Elevated Bus :
The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) is a proposed new bus concept where a guided bus straddles above road traffic, giving it the alternative names such as straddling bus, straddle bus, land airbus, or tunnel bus by international media.

Launched in October 2015, the NAVYA ARMA is a 100 % electric and autonomous transport vehicle. This innovating and intelligent driverless shuttle can transport up to 15 passengers and safely drive up to 45 km/h.