There are some foods that cause smelly farts, like broccoli, almonds, cauliflowers, and Brussels sprouts. Moreover, foods that are rich in sulfur like eggs and meat can cause smelly farts. However, this doesn’t mean you should not consume these foods.

Consuming foods that cause gas help the microbes in the gut to get nutrients. If these microbes are not fed carbohydrates, it would be more difficult to live in the gut.

An average person farts fourteen times daily. Farts, and including even the smelly ones, are a sign that the digestive system is working properly. Farts are a mixture of swallowed air and gas produced by the bacteria in the lower intestine.

However, those really terrible farts do not always show that you’re eating healthily. Also, they can indicate that you have lactose intolerance. Gases right after consuming dairy means that your body has difficulties to break down the lactose. Moreover, frequent and really stinky farts can indicate a chronic problem, like irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease, or an infection like gastroenteritis.

Farting more than 22 times daily shows you may consume something that pumps more air into your guts. It does not pose a threat for your health, and it can be changed easily. Frequent farts can be caused by drinking a lot of coffee, consuming lots of carbs, foods that are difficult to be broken down by the intestines, consuming a vegetarian diet, or eating your food really quickly, leading to swallowing lots of air.

If you want to prevent smelly farts, try avoiding foods that are rich in sulfur, such as beef and pork. Replace these meats with low sulfur counterparts such as fish and chicken.

Additional tips:

Chew food more before swallowing. This will help the stomach and intestines break down the food.
Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables because they are natural laxative. It will help you have regular bowel movement.
Stomach troubles have been treated with peppermint, garlic, sassafras for centuries.

Choose The Dumbest Person In The Photo, Your Choice Says A Lot About Your Personality

Let’s face it, we have all made some well and truly dumb decisions in our lives. Not all of us are born geniuses, and even if some of us are, there is still a learning curve there that every person goes through. Some learn the hard way and some go through life with a charm that amazes others. However, our lives and our decisions shape the future, no matter who we are. Following is a personality test to determine what kind of person you are.
Types of Personalities
No two people are the same and as a consequence there are many different types of personalities, and several different systems to measure, determine, investigate and quantify them. Other more well-known methods include the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type test, among other psychological evaluation methods.

What Makes a Person Different?
There are several defining traits of a person that distinguish them from others. Some of those traits may be related to the way a person handles certain situations, and some of them may have to do with relative intelligence and understanding
Personality and Natural Psychological Makeup
A person is molded by a lot of things during their lifetime. However, a person may also be a certain type due to built-in factors and personality traits that continue to stay with them no matter what their experiences are in life.

15 Photos That Made Dream Weddings Turn Into Nightmares

Everyone envisions their wedding day as one of the most special days of their lives. Whether it be a humongous fairytale wedding with a guest list that includes you and your significant other’s third grade teachers or an intimate affair on the beach with close friends and family, no one wishes for their big day to go wrong in any way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and something as minuscule as the flower girl suffering a nervous breakdown in the center aisle can become alter the vibes of a couple’s vow exchange ceremony, which isn’t half bad compared to these epic wedding fails. With no further ado, check them out for yourself.


Cake Anyone?
We’ve seen some rather extravagant wedding cakes in our day but never anything like this. From the initial glance at the cake, it looks like a steaming pile of human fecal matter but, the extended tail of the cake lets us know that this has to be some type of exotic animal or a Pokemon. Regardless, the couple looks happy so, congrats to them.


Marrying A Unicorn
We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here but this might be the strangest first dance in wedding history. Who’s ever idea it was to wear a giraffe and unicorn masks during such a precious moment is obviously a weirdo and this is giving us the vibe that these two must be into some kinky sh*t.

Creep Vibes
Not only does this holiday wedding appear to be going down what appears to be at someone’s grandmother’s house, the priest’s presence in this particular wedding doesn’t sit well with us. He reminds us of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Black Snake Moan. Maybe, he’s conducting a shotgun wedding for these two as neither one of them seems to happy about their big day.

Mike Myers’ Wedding Day
Hey, sociopaths need love too we guess… But whoever is responsible for snapping this flick should have taken action and warned someone instead of capturing this moment. At least, there’s some sort of evidence that could be brought up in court if this bride ever goes missing. Regardless, this is extremely creepy and makes us uncomfortable.

Kinky Photobombers
From an artistic standpoint, this photo had potential to be a pretty good wedding flick but, the two old geezers attempting to get freaky in the back are mighty distracting. There’s no way in hell the wedding photographer didn’t see those two in the background through the lens.
Chicken Toss?
We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here or if this is some type of wedding ritual we’ve never heard of but, this is just plain weird if this newlywed couple doesn’t own or run some type of business involving chicken. Who in their right mind would toss a raw chicken instead of a bouquet at their wedding? Salmonella for everyone sounds like a disaster.

Gaming Gone Too Far
We understand people a lot of people throughout society are dedicated video game enthusiasts but, this is just one step too far and extremely cheesy. At least this might turn out to be a successful marriage because gamers spend so much time at home playing they have no time to cheat on their significant others, so congrats!

This little bastard is giving us Damien from The Omen vibes but, he might be onto something here. His parents had two kids out of wedlock and were probably expecting a third to arrive soon so, he was letting us know how trash his family is. We feel you little man but, this is still inappropriate behavior.

Bride Overboard!
Murphy’s Law… Whatever can go wrong will go wrong and this photo is the epitome of that. How in the world does a dock just break like this? This is why we refuse to take any risk when it comes to special occasions like these. Regardless, save the bride by any means necessary.

Hunger Pains
Personally, we don’t really see this as a wedding day fail whatsoever. Do you know how much pain and tortuous fasting women put themselves in order to slim down for their big day? Enough for them to be allowed to pig out on their wedding day. We think it’s dope that this young lady is making a hoagie in her mouth.

Honeymoon Behavior
We’ve seen some interesting wedding photographs in our day but, nothing like this one. Not only is bride laying on her back in the middle of fall leaves ruining her dress the exposure of her birth canal in the direction of her husband to be is an image only necessary for these two behind closed doors on their honeymoon.

No Dress Code
We’ve been to some rather casual formal events before but we’ve never seen anything like this. Hopefully, these two consist of the bridesmaid and groomsmen parties. Also, let’s hope this guy lost his shirt in the midst of the festivities as well and didn’t show up to the special occasion shirtless.

An MMA Wedding
Never in life should your wedding photos appear that you and your significant other got into an epic bar brawl. We know that it’s just cake but, someone should have warned these two and let them know that the aesthetic of the situation gives off major Ike Turner vibes. Yikes.

Pop A Bottle
Champagne explosions are only cool in music videos, in reality, it’s abrasive to the ears, surprising, and extremely sticky. As you can see in this photo, this young man unexpectedly opened a champagne bottle and got a little more than he’d hope for. He wasn’t supposed to explode until after the wedding if you know what we mean. *wink wink*